Lanna Montessori is the goal of launching a Montessori-based K-3 primary school in May 2022, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In this process, all aspects of the program will be developed here on this website. Parents and teachers interested in this are welcome to help guide this project.

Everything that we think about childhood development, schooling, learning will be included here, as the goal is to truly think about what a great school would look like. For example, while Montessori is a foundation, there are so many aspects of the world not fully addressed by Montessori. At the same time, there is quite a bit of research done on what are effective elements of learning, and so the most appropriate should be accommodated and incorporated where possible.



  • Outcome-based education / objective-based learning
  • Three types of learning; ideas, thinking, constructing
  • Hattie and visible learning (unfortunately not useful)
  • Problem-based learning / inquiry-based learning
  • Exercise and physical activities
    • Outside environment
    • Sports
  • Sensory-motor / kinesthetic, gross motor -- fine motor
  • Everyday competencies (washing, eating, dressing, politeness, care)
  • Language
    • Reading, writing, listening, speaking
    • Compre
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